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Sugar Processing Chemicals
LUKOCIDE- BCS (Organic Mill Sanitation Biocide Registered Patent Product ) :- LUKOCIDE BCS is a highly concentrated powerful biocide, scientifically developed for highest sugar recovery by way to inhibit & stop the growth of bacteria and fungi or other biomass during the milling process in sugar mills. This biocide maintains purity of sugarcane juice especially from all strains of Leuconostoc, Lactobacillus and other
microorganism effective at very low dosage. It is highly stable over wide range of pH and temperature,
controls drop in purity and cost effective, self degradable and eco-friendly.

LUKOCIDE - QUAT (Microbiocide) :- LUCOCIDE QUAT is highy effective quat base bactericide for mill sanitation specially designed for sugar industries inhibit and eradicate the growth of bacteria, fungi and other micro-organism, leuconostoc as are met during the milling process in sugar mills.

VISRAL - VRS (Synthetic Viscosity Reducer)
:- VISRAL- VRS is a concentrated latest improved product to increase the fluidity of molasses stickiness, an excellent wetting out agent. VISRAL-VRS is a pan boiling aid specially formulated to reduce the viscosity of syrup massecuites and can be used throughout in whole season without corrosion of instruments.

LUKOCIDE-DTC ( Dithiocarbamate Base Mill Sanitation Chemical ) :-
LUKOCIDE-DTC is a specially designed formulation for high performance dithio-carbamates. It is highly effective against all types of microorganism found in cane juice, including seine producing bacteria and yeasts. LUKOCIDE-DTC effectively arrests the microbial sucrose inversion and controls the production of polymers in the cane juice and improves the sugar quality.

LUKOCIDE-OSC (Organo Sulphur Base Mill Sanitation Biocide) :- LUKOCIDE OSC is a liquid organo- sulphur base product specially designed for reducing sugar

loss, due to microbial inversion. LUKOCIDE-OSC is odourless, non-toxic at usage concentration, non-corrosive to sugar mill equipments, stable over wide range pH &
temperatures effective at very low dosage.

LUFLOC-810 (High Molecular Weight Flocculent) :-
Anionic Flocculent LUFLOC-810 is high molecular height polymer flocculent suitable for sugar cane juice classification and filtration mud slurry. It is water- soluble non-toxic polyelectrolytes with powerful flocculating properties.


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