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SCALT-1155(Anti-scaling/Corrosion Inhi- bitor) :- SCALT-1155 is a liquid product designed for internal treatment of water used in boiler. It contains a corrosion inhibitor, an anti-scaling and sludge conditioner. It is formulated for treatment of boilers, using soft water.

SCALT-1222 (Oxygen Scavenger Hydrazine Base) :- SCALT-1222 in used to remove the last tra-ces of dissolved oxygen from boiler feed water. It is a liquid formulation of catalyzed hydrazine. It is for rapid & complete removal of dissolved oxygen.

SCALT-1344 (Alkalinity Builder/ pH Booster) :- SCALT-1344 Is an alkaline liquid formulation designed to increase alkalinity and pH boosting of feed water. It is also used to reduce corrosion of feed water tank, lines & pump.

SCALT-1366 (Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor) :- SCALT-1366 is a single product for steam boilers, controls scale and oxygen corrosion. It is an advanced copolymer product formulated as a single product scale & corrosion control for boiler treatment.

SCALT-1422 (De-scaling Chemical for Boilers) :- SCALT-1422 is a liquid offline de-scaling for removal of organic deposits and carbonate scales from boilers, cooling tower, heat exchanges etc. It is a scale removing compound wetting agent & corrosion inhibitor.

SCALT-1488 (Condensate Corrosion Inhibitor) :- SCALT-1488 is a blend containing a volatile amine specially formulated to inhibit condensate corrosion caused by carbon dioxide.

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