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Our wide range of sugar processing chemicals, water treatment chemicals for Boilers and Cooling towers to prevent Scale and Corrosion, Biological growth, & Microbial Contamination in water systems. Our all products developed under latest chemical technology with a continuous R&D programme with technical support from our principal.

We manufacture a complete range of sugar processing chemicals. This includes Aldehyde, Carbamate and Quat, Organo sulphur base mill sanitation chemicals, high performance Antiscalants, Synthetic & Oil base Viscosity reducers, Silicone & Oil base Antifoames, Scale softeners, Descalants, Spray pond water pH booster.

We can supply a wide range of Biocides, various industries like Sugar, Paper, Water Treatment, Dairies, Oilfield, Leather and Distilleries. The solutions are based on different formulation like, Aldehyde, Quaternary Ammonium Compound Carboxamide, Blended dithiocarbamates, Bromine, Phenols, Isothiazolones, Organo-sulphur compound.

Our all products have been developed and formulated by our R&D team as a cost effective and total solution to the problems associated with Microbial Contamination, Microbial Growth, Algae, Fungi problem in all Industry segments. We assure you to our quality products to give optimum result with minimum dosage and most competitive rates, better services of an industry with these needs. We serve your complete requirement of chemicals under one roof.

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