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Cooling water treatment chemical

BACT 100
(All-in-One Biocide) :
- Bact 100 is a highly effective non-oxidizing organic base concentrated all-in-one cooling water biocide effective against the scale, algae as well as bacteria, slimes and fungi fund in re-circulating, water-cooling towers, evaporative condensers and air washers. Additive treatment in cooling water system for protection of scale and fouling. It is especially effective against bacteria usually associated with microbial induced, corrosion effective over wide range pH.

(Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor):
- BACT-S 90 is a designed for open re-circulating systems and serves both as a scale and corrosion inhibitor. It is composed of dispersants, polymers, and corrosion inhibitors, which provides an extremely powerful corrosion and scale inhibiting effect. This is multi-component blend of natural and synthetic organic corrosion inhibitor plus specific anti-foulants. It is used for the control of corrosion and fouling in open re-circulating, cooling water systems over a wide pH range. This product is liquid corrosion and scale inhibitor based on sodium nitrate and sodium borate for closed cooling systems and chilled water circuits. It does not contain chromate. It is effective even where oxygen or air may be entrained in the re-circulating water. It will protect most metals including copper but excluding aluminum.

BACT-D 40 is a liquid formulation designed for use cooling water systems that have high hardness, alkalinity, and silica. It contains organic corrosion inhibitors and a blend of polymeric dispersants. It prevents the formation of scale, deposition of silt and solids, and the corrosion of ferrous metals. This product is a concentrated blend of sequestering and dispersing agents for the removal of scale deposits, iron oxide and other metallic oxides in cooling water systems. It is particularly suitable for systems where iron and other metallic oxides originating from corrosion of cooling systems pose a problem in maintaining a clean tower.

(Non-Oxidizing Biocide) :
- BACT-300 is a non-oxidizing anti-microbial agent particularly suited for the control of bacteria and slimes in industrial applications. It is especially effective against bacteria, usually associated microbial induced corrosion effective at alkaline pH. BACT can be slug- fed into the system and will not cause pH fluctuations. This is an effective broad-spectrum biocide for algae and slime control in open and closed re-circulating cooling systems. It is based on a powerful biocide to provide effective microbiological control in cooling systems.

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